Earth Path Defense 

Protection for Earth & Humanity as Human Horizons Rise

Space - The Final Frontier
           First, we secured our home world.
                                         Then, all of space was open to us. 

The People 
Earth-Path Defense

Protecting the Earth Path is essential to humanity's survival.  
Read below - more than survival is at risk. 


Below are our goals to ensure early detection of Asteroids & Comets ​​

It is essential to know if a system will fail. All evidence tells us 

government is not able to carry out this life or death mission. 

Fleet Admiral Brock d'Avignon has made it his life mission to protect the Earth.
When no one would listen, after we were narrowly missed by a tandem asteroid in 1989
he wrote a synopsis of what had happened and cleverly allowed two studios to steal this as a script.  Two studios used his work to produce Armagaddon and Deep Impact several years later 

          Brock d'Avignon, holds a strategic rank of Privateer Fleet Admiralis asking  and Satellite Man 3rd-Class.  His mission has been to persuade us to raise our eyes to
the sky, both to defend Earth, our home, and to help create a peace affirming our freedom to shape an inclsive freedom for all intelligent beings. All of us have been touched deeply by the narratives originated through Star Trak; but to create the foundations of that ffuture we must find our way through the often frightening Earth of today.    So it is NOW which calls to us for action. 
          Grown older and bent with his efforts, Admiral Brock has turned to a younger generation to continue the battle.  If your own committment to our future in space speaks to you, join us.  
         Today, we are looking around us and into the skies above and the Earth below for the strength to realize our vision.

Contact our Earth Defense's

Commander Arthur Foster to Join

The Threat We Face

Why Government 'Suddenly Noticed' the Danger from Asteroids and Comets

                 For them, space is just a continuation of profits and control.

Read through this site, Detection , Deflection , Development and Title Rights .  Then, if you agree, join the Earth-Path Defense Fund in volitional action genuinely for all Humankind.

                                                                                   Humanity, and the Earth, Need You.

Mr. d'Avignon is now on a speaking 
tour.  To schedule an engagement

contact Commander Foster through


Clear the path to our promise for the

future.  Learn how to use a helioscope andspaced-based helioscope/telelscope, a LaRue.  

Having the right 'scope is essential to accomplishing this mission. 

And get ready to own rights, 3%, to a real piece of the rocks, your first step into the future which calls to all of us.  

Live Long - and Prosper